Our Ingredients

Our plants become your drink it’s that simple. Whether it be one of our botanical Infusions, a distilled aromatic water, a tea or something else we’ve created, we only ever use whole plants. We don’t believe in extracts, ‘nature identicals’, flavourings or anything that is more than one step away from the plant itself - you only derive the therapeutics and complexity of flavour from the real, whole plant.

Organic Roses at the farm


We grow 250 organic Rose bushes in six varieties (including WILDEVE) for their amazing scent and flavour from fruity to floral and spicy myrrh - such complexity in a few petals.

Organic Spruce

Organic Spruce


Spruce from local trees are full of resin and flavour, being an evergreen tree we can pick fresh for every batch and we chop it up into small bits by hand for the best taste profile.

Our own Cinchona Bark which we use to add the quinine bitterness

Cinchona Bark

We don’t believe in using chemically extracted quinine, it’s a dreadful process environmentally. Instead, we grow our own trees in Ecuador and use the whole bark.